What a year 2017 has been for Team Dew-It. From losing 2 members of the team to the light side of the force to having the PAL-Patine satellite held together with duct tape and hope. The team has come a long way from the days of XORRO-Q Strikes Back, doing the CUBE-SAT project hoping to rid the world of space debris through epic motivational music and stereo-vision using selfie cameras.

This time, with Christmas only 37 days away, the team fit in their respective roles of the wanna be mechanical engineer (Darth Lawrence Pascual), the electrical engineer who apparently has bad soldering (Padawan Reuben Scheuitemaker), and the jingle bell in-tuned computer scientist (Count Paul Schlumbom). With our flaws in Christmas music tastes complementing each other, the final design of the P-Sat was completed and has officially become the latest member of the DEWIT Corp.

Shout out to Supreme leader Jim Hefkey for the banter and organising the supplies and trip for the launch, and any other APSS member that thought that a red housing makes a satellite go faster.

Till next year with a better team name.