Hello to the QR code scanners (the people scanning, not the scanners themselves), the internet trawlers, and the genuinely interested. We are Team 3 (The Elon Musketeers, if you swing that way) in the Auckland Programme for Space Systems’ P-Sat challenge, and this is our blog. What does that even mean? Good question. You’d better keep reading and find out…

So what is this blog all about?

Over the next few weeks, this blog will become a bountiful oasis of cringe inducing puns and nerdy space talk (maybe some project updates too, if you’re lucky). You’ll get to know the team, follow our progress, and maybe learn some deep truths about yourself.

Okay but serious talk time, what should you expect here:

  •        Reasonably frequent updates and photos of our work
  •        Interviews with members of the team each week
  •        Full technical details for the project (at the very end, don’t want those sneaky other teams knowing our secrets)


We hope that by the end of this project, you (yes, you) will have become an expert in P-Sat design (who knows, maybe we’ll be pretty good at it by then too).

Stay tuned, exciting space-craziness to come!