Progress report: inspired by the spirit of Christmas (only 86 days left!), we’re charging on ahead with the enthusiastic gusto of a Santa encountering a particularly scrumptious looking assortment of Christmas cookies. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve worked on getting the various modules working, a process we’ve been documenting so meticulously that we have pictures to prove we documented it.

We set up the camera module first, which immediately captured those tremendous first moments:

After that, it was time to work on the GPS module, which took a simple ritualistic dance atop a big rock to attract the attention of the appropriate satellites.

GPS time

Similarly the other modules, including the IMU, barometer and temperature sensors are all working, although we don’t have any exciting pictures for those. With those modules working separately, it was time to figure out how to control them all at the same time. This miraculously worked immediately and without a single hitch, presumably because of jolly old Santa Claus.


One of our hard-working engineers continuing the on-going production process

At this point, work has begun on 3D modelling to help us figure out how it will all fit together, and we’ll soon be ready to cut out the frame for our P-Sat.

Sophisticated modelling techniques are utilised to ensure an optimal fit of parts.

The work continues for team DEW-IT as we count down the minutes to Christmas, one season-appropriate Christmas carol at a time. In fact, with about 123840 minutes left, we can only play Mr Sandman another 53843.5 times, Run Run Rudolph can get 45867 repeats, Oh Tannenbaum can go 57600 times, and Jingle Bells can manage 49536 runs. Merry Christmas everyone!

The P-Sat coming together


Merry Christmas and a happy new year,