The driving force behind any team project is a well-formed and cooperative team. You may be wondering, “Elon Musketeers- how did you obtain yours?”.

It all started one evening. Six to-be Musketeers were surprised to find themselves with-message in their Facebook Messenger inbox. While they were surprised, maybe by the timing, maybe by the hovering to see the list of people who also received the message, they were not without warning. You see, over the previous weeks, participants from the semester 1 APSS Mission Proposal challenge were made aware of the exciting happenings of the the upcoming semester (see other posts). To partake in those happenings, potential P-Sat participants pondered procuring teams.

When we try to trace team member origins, it all seems to converge on a particularly enthusiastic member: Emma. Whether it be by request (from either party), or mutual agreement, Emma seems to be the reason why the Elon Musketeers exist (although she is not the brain behind the name).

That still leaves the question – who are we? We are an interesting bunch of mostly-engineers from the departments of Engineering Science, Mechanical and Mechatronics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering (with a biology student and mysterious figure thrown in for good measure). If we were the Breakfast Club the vague intro of cliche roles we play into would be very uninteresting (a brain, a brain… and mysterious winged figure?).



For the duration of this project, you will get to know these people we have acquired rather well. At least, I will endeavour to get you to that point, for behind this well-formed and cooperative team, we have well-formed and cooperative people. Behind those well-formed and cooperative people, we have actual people, with interests, words to say, and whole lives they might be willing to share through Google Form Questionnaire interview. But for now…


The team, a summary:

  • Aimee Tagle
    • Software Engineering
    • Writes for this blog but not this list
    • Has a googol terrible jokes
  • Ainsley Duke
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Swears by Shadows’ selection of whiskey
    • Ask her about Guinea Pigs
  • Annalisa Jeffries
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Good at playing Tanks
    • Better than Riley at playing Tanks
  • Anthony Yen-Kai Chen
    • Biology
    • Got bored and built a 3D printer
    • Spirulina
  • Emma Doolin
    • Engineering Science
    • Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike Michelle Pfeiffer
    • Has her sign language for everything – she probably is talking behind her back
  • Frankie Moynihan Lavey
    • Mechatronics Engineering #BuildingSkynet #YeBeWarned
    • Having a hair colour crisis since 2009
    • Goes to Hollywood
  • Riley Steyn
    • Engineering Science
    • Elon Musk Jr
    • “Walking encyclopedia” – his Mum
  • Sakayan Sitsabesan
    • Computer Systems Engineering
    • INTJ
  • Wilhelm
    • ???