We’re more than just an aerospace company.

Our satellites are more than just several arduino boards jammed on top of each other.

DEW-IT Corp is more than just NZ’s leading manufacturer of auto-targeting suicide drones.

Because DEW-IT Corp isn’t just about ignoring parachutes.
It’s about people.

We hope you’ll see beyond our world-changing technology – we are so much more.

(81 days till Christmas btw).

Our voluminous contributions to society don’t simply stop at our industry-leading diversity.

Or our relentless commitment to social justice.

We are breaking down walls.

We work tirelessly to preserve our planet for future generations.

What are we?




Our cutting-edge facilities offer our employees an unparalleled opportunity for innovation.

Here at DEW-IT Corp, we dare  to believe
that the number of parachutes on a P-Sat can be reduced all the way to zero

Allowing us to solve poverty

And bring an end  to world hunger.

Because at DEW-IT Corp,
We’re making the world a better place.