October 2017: Anna is working on the 3D modelling of the P-Sat frame.

Anna working diligently on 3D modelling

We’re using the program SOLIDWORKS. This is done so that we can fit our components into the P-Sat and make the frame for 3D printing.


Francis and Sakayan are working on the final touches of the code for the P-Sat

Testing of software for the P-Sat

They are making sure that the P-Sat can read the sensors, store data on the SD card, and send data through WiFi.

The light is flashing 10 times per second seductively.


Emma and Riley are working on the post-processing algorithms.

Empress Emma doing some last minute studying for her upcoming test

They also have a test soon.


We’re hard at working preparing the P-Sat for launch on Sunday 5th November. Check in again for another update soon!